A photo showing the cleaning products used at The Braemar Southport
Cleaning up at The Braemar Southport

Cleaning of the Rooms

As a guest of The Braemar Southport, we know that you expect a clean, organised and well maintained room when you check in.

COVID is very much still with us and whilst a lot of the restrictions have eased, there are still many risks that need to be considered so that you are protected whilst you are with us.

There are many areas that we and you can consider and practices that we can all follow to reduce the spread of COVID and reduce the risk of you catching it.

These practices also help us to reduce, re-use and recycle as much or as many consumable items used in the guesthouse.

Where possible we use natural and Eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the guesthouse.

Here are the practices that we follow when cleaning our guest rooms and around the guesthouse.

1. Ventilate the Room

We ventilate the room before and after guests stay, in order to change the air in the room and to ensure that it is clean and fresh-smelling.

2. Changing Bed Linen and Towels

All Bed linen and towels are removed after each guest leaves and the room is made up with clean linen and towels.  Our linen is sent to a commercial laundry to ensure that it is cleaned properly.  If a guest is staying for two to three nights they may not require clean towels.  Guests staying longer can request clean towels and linen if required.  This also helps us with our “Reduce Re-use and recycle” thinking for sustainability.

3. Remove Rubbish

It’s always important to remove rubbish.  All bins are emptied and new bin liners are added, as well as removing anything else left behind.  We even check drawers and cupboards for rubbish as well.   We recycle as much of the rubbish as possible.  We have now added a mixed recycle bin in the hallway to encourage guests to help us with this.

4. Dusting

Rooms, even after a day or two, can become dusty, so we check and clean the shelves, televisions and any surfaces that can collect dust before the next guests arrive.  This also includes ceilings and hard to reach places, so we check them as well.

5. Wipe and Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

We wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial cleaner – including high touch surfaces and electronics – television buttons, doorknobs, remote controls, and light switches. This will help keep guests and our staff safe.

6. Clean the Bathroom Thoroughly

We clean the shower, toilet, sink and bathroom floor thoroughly.

7. Clean Mirrors

Mirrors, especially in the bathroom, can quickly become dirty and are noticeable to guests.  Guests use these everyday, so we take time to ensure they are spotless.  We use Trish’s “Secret” glass cleaner and microfiber cloths to ensure they’re left streak-free and crystal clear.

8. Vacuuming Floors and Furniture

We vacuum the carpets and furniture to ensure that we remove dirt, dust, or hair that may have been left behind.  Vacuuming also help to remove any allergens that may be present in the room.

9. Restock Amenities and Consumables

We restock what is missing from the room – including any soap, shampoo and toilet rolls.  We don’t want the next guests to run out during their stay.

All cups and glasses are replaced after each guests stay and put through the dishwasher.

10. Final Check

Before we leave the room, we give the room a final check to make sure that everything is in place and ready for your stay.