• You can talk to a real person
  • We are non-judgemental and welcome everyone
  • You are treated as an individual and we will talk to you to find out what you would like or need
  • We have single rooms available for solo travellers at a cheaper rate
  • We have a range of rooms that will cater for most guests including a ground floor room.
  • We have a guest lounge with small library that is also used as a quiet space.
  • The Guest lounge can also be used as a dining area for those guests who prefer to have a quiet space to eat.
  • We have a range of equipment to assist you during your stay.
  • We provide information to you on arrival about the building and explain how items in the room work.
  • We can help arrange taxis, mobility aids & added specials for the room (Bubbly, balloons, Chocolate)
  • All en-suite taps operate with levers which helps with dexterity.
  • A sanitary bag dispenser can be found in all of the en-suites.
  • We can answer your questions in advance and during your stay
  • We don’t just hand you the keys, we work with you to help you have a great stay
  • We are keen to know your opinions

Many people talk about Inclusivity and diversity like a buzz word, without really looking at the people that it relates to.  We are not here to tick boxes or jump through hoops, we are here to make your stay a great one regardless of where you came from or what you have been through to get here.  We respect and understand your struggles and tribulations as we have been through a few ourselves over the years, but if we can recognise them, or alleviate them, or reduce them or even assist you with them for at least a while, then we have done our job.

Here at the Braemar Southport we welcome guests from all walks of life and from all locations, here in the UK, Europe or even the rest of the world.

On arrival at the property, you will be greeted personally with a welcoming smile by Michael the owner who will check you in, park your car, and help you with your luggage. Michael will also take time to explain how the room facilities work, and go through the breakfast choices if you choose to pay for breakfast with us.

We care about our guests and want you to have the best possible guest experience and a great stay in Southport. We are available to contact both prior to and during your stay. We are happy to help with any requests you may have that can enhance your stay with us. We have tried to accurately describe or rooms and facilities on this website and also on other booking platforms to ensure you can book with confidence and hopefully return again, and recommend us to family and friends.

We have installed accessibility tools to support you to navigate around the website. On the top left side of the page, you will see a blue wheelchair icon this enables you to adjust a range of settings including text size and contrast. If you have a hearing impairment you can message us by text or WhatsApp on 07412449147 or email  or by using the Relay UK service

For guests who wish to discuss specific requirements in advance, you can contact us on either the land line or mobile numbers 01704 535838 or 0741449147.

For those guests who may have additional needs we can provide a small range of extra equipment or solutions which may help make your stay with us great.

We have a ground floor room for those who may find mobility difficult. This room has handrails fitted in the bathroom by the toilet and shower.

We have a portable ramps which can be used by some wheelchair users or by those using a mobility scooter to assist with access into the property. Please note these may not be suitable for all users of mobility aids, please let us know prior to your stay if these are required or contact us for further information.

We have a shower chair available for guests to use in the bigger showers if required. please let us know prior to your stay to ensure it is available to use during your stay.

A view of the a bath chair that is available for guests with mobility issues to use
Bath Chair


We have a portable bed rail which can help guests pull themselves up from a lying to a sitting position, this can also help with getting to a standing position from the bed. Please contact us prior to your stay if this is required.

Bed Bar
Bed Bar


We can help arrange mobility scooters or wheelchairs for your use from Able World during your stay. We suggest booking well in advance to prevent disappointment. Able World can also provide a drop off and pick up service for an additional fee, so mobility aids can be waiting for you on arrival at the Braemar.

For those guests who have hearing impairments we have a mobile sensory fire alarm which is available for you to use during your stay. Please let us know if required prior to your stay in order for us to ensure it is available.

We have a guest lounge which provides a quiet space for relaxing, reading. This can also be used for eating if access to the main dining room is difficult or as an alternative space for guests who may need a calmer space.

For those guests with specific dietary requirements please contact us prior to your stay to discuss if we can support with your individual needs.  If Sainsbury’s sell it, we can serve it (Within reason!).

We have single rooms available for solo travellers at a cheaper rate.

We can support you in booking taxis during your stay if required.

Southport is a great place to visit and offers something for everyone. The centre of town is very compact and most attractions are within walking distance of the guesthouse. We can provide information about Southport and the surrounding areas and provide you with a map of the town centre when you arrive to assist you with navigating your way around.

If you are well up on technology, we can pre-send our registration form for completion ahead of arrival this can save time at check in. You can also pay your accommodation charges directly into our bank account just let us know if you wish to use this facility.

We encourage guests to give us feedback on our rooms and facilities during your stay and encourage guests to leave reviews on TripAdvisor or Google, we reply to all the reviews we receive.

If you require a bouquet of flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine or bubbly in your room prior to arrival just let us know. Whatever your needs are If we can help, we will.

So, what are you waiting for, come and spend your break with us at The Braemar Southport. We will help make your break a memorable one!

By the way, once your booking has been confirmed, you do not need to print off any documentation.

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