How The Braemar Southport  interprets Sustainability

At The Braemar Southport, we aim to deliver our services in a way that minimises our environmental footprint.

The environmental impact that businesses have on the world is becoming more important these days and we wanted to share with you our current ways of working and future plans regarding this subject.


  • We recycle as much of our waste as possible including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, tin and batteries. Once sorted the recycled waste is sent off for processing.
  • Batteries are recycled at the local supermarket collection point.
  • We have now increased our general recycling bins to two, which are collected fortnightly.
  • We have installed a recycling bin near the front door to encourage guests to recycle as well.
  • Our cleaning cloths are washed and re-used rather than using disposable wipes and cloths.
  • When we have refurbished rooms, the old furniture has been given away locally rather than taking to landfill.
  • We use refillable ink cartridges for our printer, although are working to go paperless.

Working with Guests and Guest Communications

  • We discuss with guests their wishes regarding the servicing of rooms.  This includes the guest in our sustainability practices to make a choice about the re-use of towels and linen in the room and recycling.
  • We now offer both “Room only” and “With Breakfast” options, so that the guest does not feel that they have to have breakfast if they don’t want it or feel they have to have it because they have paid for it.
  • The above practices have reduced food waste and energy consumption and has been well received.

Reusable rather than disposable (Electronic rather than printed)

  • In the rooms and the dining room, we use reusable cups, glasses and cutlery rather than plasticware, paper, or styrofoam.
  • In the bathrooms we are moving towards refillable soaps and body wash rather than single use toiletries.
  • We are reducing paperwork as much as possible.  Guests are communicated by email, text or phone and are encouraged not to bring any printed confirmations with them as it is not required.
  • Now that we have installed a new website, we are working on an online registration system to reduce the amount of paper.
  • We ask guests if they would like a receipt rather than just printing one automatically.

Water conservation

  • Toilets are fitted with a dual flush option helping reduce water consumption.
  • All of our guest bathrooms are fitted with energy efficient electric showers. Showers reduce water consumption in comparison to baths.
  • Our washing machines are A+++ rated and we ensure that they are fully loaded before use.
  • All bathroom plugs are checked regularly to ensure that they fit and that water is not wasted.
  • All rooms contain smaller 1L kettles have clear markings to help customers only boil the water they are going to consume.
  • Our new dining tables have wipeable tops to reduce the need to wash table cloths.

Heating and cooling

  • Our Boiler is serviced every 12 months to ensure they are running efficiently
  • All bedroom radiators are fitted with a thermostat making them more energy efficient.
  • We ensure that radiators are turned off when rooms are unoccupied.
  • We have double glazing throughout the property.
  • All curtains in guests rooms are lined for their thermal qualities.
  • All refurbished rooms have had extra insulation fitted to keep rooms warmer during the winter months.

Electrical appliances and energy consumption

  • All lights throughout the building including shaving light and bedside lights are LED.
  • Our Advertising signage uses LED lighting and timers to reduce energy usage.
  • Our outdoor lighting operates on movement sensors to enhance safety whilst also reducing energy.
  • The hallway lights are have automatic sensors that operate on movement.  This prevents lights being left on by guests, but also enhances the health and safety features of the property.
  • Washing machines are A+++ rated.
  • During summer months all washing is dried naturally on the line.
  • The fridges installed in the rooms are A+ energy efficient.
  • We operate a ‘switch off’ policy by turning off all appliances in guest bedrooms when unoccupied.


  • We now operate a pre-order breakfast system.  This has reduced food waste and cooking energy considerably.
  • The above system allows us to buy only the items that we need, also reducing food wastage.
  • We purchase food from local supermarkets or from local suppliers, reducing the use of the car.
  • We purchase free range eggs from a local supplier.
  • We purchase fruit and vegetables from a local farm when its in season.
  • Waste oil from the kitchen is recycled.
  • Our Tea is 100% rainforest alliance certified and the tea bags don’t contain micro plastics.
  • Our filter coffee, hot chocolate and sugar is “Fairtrade”.
  • We compost our used coffee grounds, banana skins and tea bags.
  • We use the above composted waste in the outdoor plants around the property.

Future Plans

  • Cut down on the use of plastic water bottles, by providing refillable water bottles in rooms.
  • As existing stocks are exhausted, introduce refillable bottles or containers for milk, shampoo, shower gel and hand wash.
  • Increase in room signage and information to encouraging guests to reuse of towels, switching off lights and appliances.
  • Once existing stocks are exhausted, we want to change our room bin liners to compostable ones.